How to Define a Career Path for Social Media Professionals?

We spoke to ADLIB to get a few tips on ways businesses can define a career path in social media for employees. As part of Social Media Week Bristol, they are running a Social Media Employment Survey to find out what the landscape of the profession looks like in 2018.

There is no “one fits all” template we could share here unfortunately says Stacey Tylisczuk, Digital Marketing Specialists at ADLIB. 

Unique business needs define what skills are needed to become, remain and succeed as a Social Media Professional. A ‘step up’ could look very different depending on kind of business (agency, in-house?), size of team (one person team, part of a larger marketing team, part of a team of account managers?) and type of role (working permanently or contracting?).

But as a starting point, a solution could be a framework or process that businesses could use to help define what the career paths for Social Media Professionals look like with them specifically. This framework needs clear parameters, objectives and purpose to make it measurable, tasking employees with demonstrating ROI and channel value which can help to provide the information required that is associated with more established marketing roles and their salary reasoning.

Then it takes employee engagement to stay on top of it: Regular one-to-one catch ups provide the platform to understand more about the employee’s ambitions, a business’s service and / or product review, market conditions, movement and challenges – all of which help shape what progression and opportunity may look like for the employee.

To showcase how varied successful career paths into Social Media can be, here are a few rather impressive career journeys and some professional wisdom too:

A career in social media – Alex Kortland, Social Media Manager and Copywriter at British Corner Shop as well as Blogger (

Showcasing a career in social media – Jess Siggers, Bristol-based Instagram Consultant, Social Media Influencer & photographer.

Showcasing a career in social media – Sam Beament, Senior Social Media Creative at The Real Adventure Unlimited

Life as Social Media Specialist –  Ben Jackson, Social Media Specialist

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