What happened at Social Media Week Bristol 2018?

Written by Nicola Haydon, Digital Squad Member

Social Media Week Bristol got off to a flying start and finished with a dramatic end. Before the week began there were multiple talks that were sold out and a huge buzz amongst the Social Media Week Ambassadors and Digital Squad for what was to come. However as the week went on, the weather got worse and sadly we eventually had to give in to “the beast from the east” as Friday’s sessions were postponed. Despite this, it was still a very successful week and each event that I attended I found useful and enjoyable; and it wasn’t difficult to see that the rest of the audience felt the same way.

The events that particularly stood out to me for different reasons were 50 Ways to Build Your Instagram Community – 2018 Edition which was held on Monday and Is Organic Social Reach Dead?  which was part of Business West Wednesday.

50 Ways to Build Your Instagram Community was hosted by Jess Siggers who was also one of the Social Media Week Ambassadors. In a very short amount of time Jess whizzed through a number of useful Instagram tips, ranging from the basics of how to set up your profile and use Instagram Stories, to more in depth insights into the algorithm and getting noticed. You could practically see the sparks flying off people’s pages as they tried to make as many notes from this content-rich talk as possible. The key takeaways for me were to set aside a dedicated amount of time each day to engage with the Instagram community, and to train my Explore page so that it shows me more relevant content.

Located in the very comfortable Everyman Cinema, Is Organic Social Reach Dead? Part of Business West Wednesday  was a completely different type of session, hosting four different speakers over the morning. Any session which starts with a free bar of chocolate is bound to be a good one, but I really enjoyed listening to the speakers and the variety of their different experiences. The key takeaways from this talk were the importance of user-generated content, and the necessity of being creative which were things that each of the different speakers referred to.

Social Media Week Bristol was a bit of a whirlwind, particularly being part of the Digital Squad. Throughout the week I’ve attended numerous talks, live-tweeted from the Social Media Week Bristol account, written articles on each of the sessions I attended, and gathered different content which could be used by the team. I’ve really enjoyed being part of it and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to gain further experience or raise their profile in this field. I’m already looking forward to the next Social Media Week Bristol!