Social Media for Business – Q+A with Luan Wise

We grabbed 5 mins with Luan Wise who will be hosting an event focusing on Social Media for B2B audiences.

Why have you chosen to discuss your topic at Social Media Week Bristol?

Social Media is so often seen from a consumer point of view that business owners and marketers communicating to a business-to-business audience struggle to interpret the plethora of information published on the subject. Overwhelm becomes greater, and when you’re time-poor social media either gets overlooked or it gets added to an ever-growing to-do list.

To get results for your business, social media needs to be taken seriously. It need to have a clearly defined role, clearly defined metrics and integrated into all functions of the business.

What will the key takeaways be from attending this event?

I will be talking about the benefits social media can bring to business, the need for a social media policy, how to create a social media plan and manage time plus how to measure what matters to your business.

I aim to reduce the overwhelm and make using social media manageable…. the title of my book (Relax! It’s Only Social Media) is the key outcome of how I want people to feel after my session.

What do businesses need to be aware of when it comes to social media in 2018?

There’s now over 3 billion active social media users worldwide (42% of the total population). Over 2 billion monthly active Facebook users, 800 million Instagram users, 546 million LinkedIn users and 330 million active Twitter users. People are using social media in their daily lives – both personal and business. A large percentage of social media use is also on mobile.

Businesses should be aware of the scale of opportunity, but also the scale of clutter that needs to be broken through to reach their audiences with valuable content.

Social media is NOT a strategy.

How can businesses get the most out of their social media?

Have a plan! Understand first how social media fits into your business and what objectives it can help achieve. Creating awareness is a given, but it needs to be more focused than that. For example, never start with ‘I want to Tweet’. Twitter is a tool that should be used to achieve a result eg drive attendance at events. This cartoon captures this perfectly.

What is your next venture after Social Media Week Bristol?

My new online learning course, ‘B2B Foundations: Social Media Marketing’ will explore how social media can be used in a business to business (B2B) context to full advantage.  The 32 minute tutorial will cover how to understand and communicate with those involved in business buying decisions.