How to use social media when you’re attending an event

Social Media Week Ambassador and speaker, Luan Wise, shares her top tips for using social media when attending an event.

When you’ve decided to invest your time in attending an event, it’s important to maximise every opportunity you can to get the most out of it.

For starters, why not let your network know that you’ve booked your place. Immediately you will get recognised for your commitment to learning.

You can also begin to network. Events are a great opportunity to catch up with people, as well as meet new people. Plus, there’s people that won’t be in the room, but will know that you are – and will be interested in what’s happening.

What makes using social media so easy for events is the hashtag. For Social Media Week Bristol, we’re using #SMWBristol and we invite you to include this in every post. We’re monitoring it carefully and will share as many posts as we can.

We’ve also set up some Twitter lists you can subscribe to. There’s one for everyone using the event hashtag as well as lists for our ambassadors and speakers.

Subscribe to our Twitter lists here:

>> Never heard of Twitter lists? Check out this how to’ blog to get started.

Follow the online conversations and get in touch with other attendees before the event – arrange to get together for a coffee perhaps. Also, speakers love to hear from attendees before an event. Remember, they are often nervous and the more they know about who is in front of them, the better they can tailor their content… plus it helps their delivery to have a familiar smiley face in the room!

During the event, take and post pictures. Highlight and quote any key points shared by the speakers. Check the hashtag for other people’s insights too.

Finally, after the event is over don’t forget to take time to reflect on your experience. Perhaps write and share a blog summarising the key takeaways. Connect with the new people you met. Follow up with people you got to catch up with, and perhaps those you didn’t (but know they were there). Get in touch with the speakers too. Plan to continue the conversation and you can really extend the value of the event.

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