🔴 LIVE UPDATES: Social Media Week Bristol 2019

Social Media Week Bristol 2019 is finally here! This year the conference is bigger than ever with over 40 events in the schedule across prominent venues in and around Bristol.

Fear not if you have missed any of the events, we are covering the week in a first ever live blog for the conference. If you are attending events, please get involved across the social channels using #SMWBristol to be featured in our blog.


The week is kicking off bright and early at Origin Workspace, a new coworking space based in Clifton.

8:00 am – Linkedin Local with Greg Cooper and speaker Miriam Akhtar MAPP

10am – Social Media Trends – Battenhall with Drew Benvie

The event was a sell out with barely a seat free, and Drew Benvie sharing a number of key social media trends that will be impacting our industry over the next few months.

If you didn’t get a chance to get a ticket, here is a quick summary from our in-residence sketcher Liam Williams



There were plenty of insights shared at the Social Media Trends talk, if you want to explore the findings from recent research Batenhall have done in the industry you can sign up to get the full report here:



A full cinema watching Social Media Trends 2020 talk with Drew Benvie from Batenhall.

Rhian Robinson from the Batenhall team shared her influencer marketing trends for the next few years.


12:30 – VIDEO screening of Seth Godin’s talk from Social Media Week New York

The event was introduced by Evie Jankauskyte, Digital Lead at AMBITIOUS PR, organisers of Social Media Week Bristol.

Evie visited Social Media Week New York and shared her favourite highlights from the conference before introducing Seth Godin’s video screening. Find out more about our favourite #SMWNYC takeaways in our recent blog.

The Seth Godin talk was an exclusive public screening from his closing keynote at Social Media Week New York and hasn’t been shared anywhere outside of the event.

13:30 – How can you build your international B2B brand using social media? – Business West

This lunchtime event was hosted at Foot Anstey, a Social Media Week Bristol sponsor for 2019. The talk covered tips and tricks businesses need to consider when trying to reach international audiences.

One of the key tips from the event was to localise content when trying to reach international audiences. You can do this by:

  1. Creating content that talks to your audience
  2. Think international personas
  3. Use relevant local platforms


15:00 – How to get the most from working with influencers – Fourth Floor

Back at the Everyman event, it was another packed room for the afternoon session on working with influencers. The keynote was broken up into two parts:

Rich Keith, Managing Director at Fourth Floor Creative talked about working with influencers and how the right way of doing influencer partnerships.

The audience then got to hear from Jamie Hancock of who shared insights of working with influencers.

After a short break, the event set up for a panel discussion with prominent content creators in the industry.

16:00 – A career in social media workshop with ADLIB

At Access Creative college recruitment specialists ADLIB ran a workshop for students looking to have a career in social media. The workshop included CV tips, a run-through of roles available in the industry and important data of where the industry is going.

17:30 – Celebrating creativity in social media – working with consumers to co-create a brand story

The last event of the day took place at the Engine Shed and was hosted by the DMA. The panel of speakers included:

Alex Williamson, Creative Director – Social.Lab, Ogilvy

Lia Kelly, Social Media Manager, Confused.com

James Ainsworth, Head of Content, Prophecy Unlimited

Milly Belotti, Head of Social Media, Collider


And that was day one! If you want to get a quick round up of the day, here is a quick podcast summary:



The rain and wind this morning is in full force, but that didn’t stop delegates for getting to the Big Breakfast at Home and Luan Wise’s talk on social media and b2b at Origin Workspace.

8:00 – The Big Breakfast at Home

Free breakfast, and to listening to B&Q and how they use social media for internal comms 👌


10:00 – Social media in the B2B customer journey

In her session Luan covered:

  • The importance of understanding your B2B customer
  • How marketing can make an impact on the journey at each of its four stages: awareness, consideration, purchase and post-purchase
  • How to use tell stories via social media throughout the journey to purchase
  • Top tips for using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in b2b social media marketing

“People researching b2b products and services are 70% of the way through their buying journey.” – Luan Wise

Luan Wise shared expert tips and tricks for b2b companies looking to use social media to improve the sales process of their products and services.

Find out more about Luan Wise and her services here

13:00 – SMW Bristol: Marketing to the Perennials – social media and the 50+ consumer

The 50+ demographic is the fastest growing group on social media and have the highest levels of disposable income in the UK, and in this sold out session prominent blogger Heather Cowper is leading a discussion on how to market to this audience.

The keynote panel included:

  • Steven Manser – Senior Marketing Manager at SunLife
  • Fiona Weller – Creative Partner at True Digital
  • Jane Silk – Head of Research and Training at Silver Travel



‘Marketing can lump the over 55’s into one big group…everything seems to end in marketing at 65-75. You turn 65… and you’re suddenly 65+!’ –  Fiona Weller,


15:00 – Social Selling 101 – Luan Wise

Luan Wise is back in the afternoon for some more talk on how to get social selling right at the Engine Shed.