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Home is the UK’s leading employee experience and internal communications agency. They create movements that captivate, energise and inspire. They do all this by providing consultation, strategy and creative communication, putting people at the heart of everything they do, and they generally find the best way to communicate (regardless of channel) is through conversation.

Social Media Week Bristol is thrilled to have Home involved as an agency sponsor this year. We sat down to chat with Alex Saxon, Head of Digital about their involvement.

Hi Alex! Can you tell us a bit more about yourself and what your agency does?

I’m Alex, Head of Digital at Home, the UK’s leading employee experience and internal communications agency. We provide consultation, strategy and creative communication to answer our client’s briefs. We do that through design, film and all things digital.

We’re really excited to have you as an agency sponsor at Social Media Week Bristol. Can you tell us about your involvement this year and what attracted you to the event? 

Employee engagement and employee experience at work are hot topics right now. We’ve helped employees all around the world to perform at their best for nearly 40 years, so it’s good to see more and more businesses are getting switched on to how important it is to have an authentic, open culture… one that communicates with its employees on many levels. But how can this be done effectively? A good start is with the power of social channels, empowering employees with a voice. What better platform to discuss this than Bristol’s Social Media Week!

As you know, social media is constantly evolving and changing. What do you think are the big social media trends that we need to look out for in the next 12 months?

Typically, internal comms is always trying to keep up with the Jones’ (external comms). Enterprise social networks like Yammer and Facebook Workplace are getting a real foothold now within the enterprise social space, meaning your classic social media strategies are becoming more prevalent for internal comms. Long gone are the days where a poster and a 1-liner buried deep within an email newsletter will suffice. Consumer-grade creative comms campaigns with two-way conversation, collaboration, gamification and the importance of influencers are all key factors to help social media succeed within the workplace. What we experience outside of work should be experienced inside too.

What are some of the key questions that will be addressed during your event at Social Media Week?

Fundamentally we’ll be discussing how social media can enhance your entire digital workplace. With social being a habitual part of our daily lives, we’ll be talking about how as internal communicators we strive to bring the outside, in. We’ll share examples of how conversation empowers employees and organisations to foster culture, collaboration and everything in-between along with our guests Martin Fitzpatrick, Internal Comms and Engagement Business Partner at B&Q and Alex Malbon, Founder and COO at Azuronaut a Facebook Workplace partner.

We’ll even get you involved, so we can evaluate what works and what doesn’t and how the strategies of external comms can resonate well with an internal audience.

Sounds fantastic! What exciting things should we expect to see from your organisation during the rest of 2019?

Digital plays a big part in how we reach far-flung audiences, and social channels are an important part of the mix. Mobile usage continues to grow within the workplace, so the odd post and poll on the intranet just isn’t enough.

Technological progress sees internal comms reaching new highs, and leaders are increasingly looking for more than just box ticking from internal comms. We’re working with the Facebook Workplace API to develop ways of visualising data in a physical space to make it measurable and usable, as well as exploring the roll out of comms across integrated platforms like workplace apps. We’ll continue to bring to life the heartbeat of the workplace in a tangible way so 2019 will see us producing more creative campaigns that resonate with the audience and provide deeper measures of engagement for our clients.

Social Media Week Bristol takes place between 10-14 June.

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